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About Us

Civil Engineering involves the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of systems and infrastructure necessary to maintain and improve the smooth running of society. Examples of such infrastructure are the transportation system, water and waste management systems and building and construction.

Professional civil engineers are the people who devise and build the essential facilities on which we all depend and which form our basic infrastructure on land and in water. Every reservoir, dam, water treatment works, road, bridge, tunnel and large building is designed and built by civil engineers, who also develop the required technology and manage the construction process from its initial concept through to the final delivery.The management of waste is also handled by civil engineers and if it is your desire to be a part of the people who build civilization, then our department is the place for you.

Being the first department in the College, we work in close collaboration with local industry and are therefore constantly in tune with the demands of industry. The department is well represented on various national and international committees, reflecting our reputation and ensuring our continuing influence on the civil engineering profession. The department also works with several institutions in many countries like the Netherlands and the UK.

Aim & Objectives

The primary objectives are to produce civil engineers with requisite knowledge and technical skills in civil works, capable of serving in any capacity such as management of exploration, drilling, reservoir production and transportation of gas and water.

The aim is to provide the much needed high-level civil engineering manpower for the construction of roads, highways and complex civil works in the African continent.