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Advanced Soil Testing And Training Unit





Nimo portrait
Ing. Dr. F. Owusu-Nimo

Welcome Message

The Geotechnical Engineering section of the Civil Engineering Department (KNUST) through the Advance Soil Testing and Training Unit is organizing a capacity building workshop on laboratory testing. The aim of the workshop is to emphasize the proper way of determining soil engineering properties and how to analyze the data for engineering applications.

This is the first Level of a series of workshops that will be organized periodically with the objective of “Enhancing the Capacity of Geotechnical Engineers in Ghana.” The levels begin with basic geotechnical soil tests such as the index properties and compaction tests, to the advanced level testing such as the one-dimensional consolidation test, direct shear box test and triaxial shear tests. Another level will also deal with field tests which are very relevant to the lateritic soils found in our tropical environment. The workshop series has been designed such that an individual can register for a higher-level workshop (e.g., Level 2) only after completing a lower-level workshop (e.g., Level 1). The aim of this design is to improve the competence of laboratory technicians and also serve as a refresher course for geotechnical engineers. The workshop will attract personnel from Technical Universities, Private Universities, Consultancy Firms, private Laboratories and the laboratories of the Road Agencies in Ghana.